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This journal can contain sensitive content sooo tw? also ignore spelling mistakes pleeease

SP Hot take...

I don't like Tweek in the newer episodes. (Disclaimer; I don't mean to be nitpicky or harsh. If you enjoy the new episodes with him, I respect that.) Don't get me wrong!! I love Tweek, he is my comfort character after all! He has just become more whiny(?) in recent episodes. ESPECIALLY after 'Tweek x Craig'. Now, there is nothing wrong with him acting the way he does now inherently, but after seeing Matt and Trey's commentary on the episode 'Put it Down' , that's where things become a bit odd. They describe Tweek as "The woman in the relationship" all because he is more emotional than Craig (in an mlm relationship, there is no need for a "woman" role obviously). In these newer episodes, his character has been skewed, BUT Tweek is not a weak character as we've seen him KICK ASS before!!! (see episodes Tweek vs Craig, Tweek x Craig, Free Hat) Showing emotion does not automatically equal femininity! Do not get it twisted, I love creek however, I don't like the uncomfortable dom/sub thing the fandom AND Matt & Trey have going with them because 1, they are literally 9. Secondly, this may seem like a stretch, but it just seems a little fetishy??? This definitely goes back to "yaoi'' culture. Even though there is a whole episode making fun of "yaoi", Matt and Trey later do the same thing they sought to destroy. Additionally, I don't think the way Tweek is portrayed by the fandom is all that accurate to his og character. As said before Tweek can KICK ASS, he is not a character that needs to be protected or anything like that. Essentially, portraying an lgbt relationship in this way is, weather it's intended or not, borderline homophobic and, believe it or not, misogynistic. AGAIN; I have nothing against creek as it is my favorite ship in the series!!! I just think it should be portrayed a little better within the show itself and the fandom.

SP the return of covid

Okay, it was good overall, I really liked Butters. That moment between Stan and Randy was rlly sweet tbh. I have some complaints, though. One; Tweek and Craig BARELY got any screen time T^T like??? let them have their moments!!! TWO; CLYDE LITERALLY DIED???? LIKE??? I mean it's kiiinda funny but at the same time, they did him totally dirty.


I got quarantined from school. kms.


For some reason, I have this splitting headache, maybe I'm dying???(/j)


I can't seem to stop being bored. Nothing I do makes me happy anymore

new south park episode!!

I honestly... was not... expecting that... Like Kenny was like??? a scientist??? I did NOT see that coming. I've been seeing a lot of fanart with Butters being Victor Chaos and tbh... who else would it possibly be. Also, Cartman. As a jew. Could not see that coming if it was right in front of me. Honestly, I think VIc Chaos is Butters, like it can't be anyone else!! Clyde was totally done dirty. He deserved a better character, poor guy. It was kinda sad that Stan and Kyle didn't like eachother, and Randy not liking stan was sad, though I get it. Like? Stan burned down the farm??? That was SAD LIKE?? OMG?!

Old poems lol

People sleep and people hurt.
Dont you see? I do the same.
My human mind is not broken.
I bleed and I feel, I am not perfect, nor will I ever be.
I have scars and broken parts.
but I could speak my feelings if only youd let me.
Just dont get mad.
Because even if I lash out, I am human nonetheless.

There is something we call time.
We say it moves on and on every little second.
Time is an illusion, it should be irrelevant.
But nonetheless, we see it as vital.
Its what makes us get up in the morning
And go to bed at night.
Its what tells us its time to eat and time to take a bath.
We follow our made up fantasy as if its a protector.
But in some ways, it is.
Time tells us when to go home when its dark.
Time tells us When to eat so we dont starve.
Time tells us To get u so we dont miss the bus.
Time is made up.
But its a guideline for daily life.